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April 5, 2016

Is a Trophy School Worth the Price?

I’ll be launching my latest online course – The College Cost Lab – in June. If you’d like to be among the first to know when I have more details,  just email me at Lynn O’Shaughnessy In my last post, I wrote about smart teenagers who worked hard to get into elite schools only to have their dream schools...
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December 30, 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year’s to you! I hope you had a lovely holiday. My husband and I were fortunate to be able to spend this time with our daughter Caitlin and our son Ben over the break. The photo you see is of our family earlier this week at the lighthouse at the Point Reyes National Seashore, which is the windiest...
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September 1, 2015

Don’t make this dangerous college mistake

Here is what typically happens during college admission season: Students apply to whatever colleges they want without having any clue about whether these schools will give them grants and/or scholarships.  Parents are often onboard with their children disregarding price when finalizing their lists. The attitude of these moms and dads can be summed up this way:  Go ahead and apply...
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August 26, 2015

10 Tips to Cut College Costs

Are you freaking out about the price of a bachelor’s degree? If so, you’ll want to attend one of my upcoming free webinars where I will share 10 easy ways to cut the cost of college. The two webinars that I had earlier in the summer were so successful – more than 900 people registered – that I’m rolling out...
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August 10, 2015

How to Contact College Coaches

Today I am sharing a guest post on athletic scholarships that Jon Fugler,  the founder and CEO of Recruit-Me, wrote. Fugler has been helping parents and student-athletes navigate the recruiting road since 2002. Lynn O’Shaughnessy What’s the best way to get on a college coach’s radar when seeking an athletic scholarship? You first need to understand that the burden is...
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July 27, 2015

Scholarships for Students With a 3.4 GPA

Today I’m rerunning a previous post that I’ve updated that I hope will reduce the stress level of many parents reading it. I initially wrote the post in reaction to the dilemma of a teenager with a 3.4 GPA who failed to capture a scholarship from any of the schools where he applied. This is hard to do when you...
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June 22, 2015

A State University Arms Race

Many students who aren’t interested in attending a public university in their own state tend to look at state institutions elsewhere. Choosing public universities outside your border can sometimes be a relative  bargain. In other cases, the price you pay as a nonresident will be exorbitant and comparable to private universities that are stingy with financial aid and/or merit awards....
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May 15, 2015

4 Favorite Tools to Cut College Costs

I was amazed when I had roughly 950 people register to attend my two webinars this week. If you missed it, don’t worry, I am sharing a link to a recording of one of the webinars below. In the 70-minute webinar, I shared four of my favorite tools to cut the cost of college. Here are the tools that I...
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May 7, 2015

This Week: Learn 4 Ways to Cut College Costs

I am inviting you to attend my webinar on Tuesday or Thursday that will explain four ways that you can cut your college costs. For your convenience, I am offering two webinar dates: May 12 (Tuesday), 5:30 p.m. PDT   Register here. May 14 (Thursday), Noon PDT  Register here. Everyone who registers for one of the webinar dates will receive the...
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May 5, 2015

8 Weeks to Cut Your College Costs

If you’re like millions of other parents with teenagers, you are stressed about your child’s college choices and how you’re going to pay the tab. Beginning May 19, I will launch my next online course for parents that will teach you, step-by-step, how to become an incredibly smart college shopper in just eight weeks. Benefits of Taking the Course Taking...
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