Yale Accepts Quadruplets in its Next Freshman Class

Here’s a college admission success story that’s going to make you jealous.

Yale University just accepted four teenagers from the same Connecticut family for its next freshmen class. This is the first time in anyone’s memory that Yale has accepted quadruplets. The New York Times wrote about this stunning feat over the weekend.

This wasn’t some sort of gimmick. Yale’s dean of admission had this to say about the quadruplets: “Their applications were terrific and we simply hope that they will all decide to come!”

The quadruplets are all top students at Danbury High School with their class ranks ranging from 13 to 46 out of a class of 632. Their SAT scores were very high and one of the quadruplets received a perfect 800 on the SAT verbal section.

What was frustrating about The New York Times’ article was that it didn’t dwell on why these 18-year-old’s all got into Yale. The article spent way too much time talking about how the quadruplets are also applying to other schools and wondering what kind of financial aid package they would get. What a waste. Yale arguably has the most generous financial aid policy in the country. Even a single student whose parents make up to $210,000 a year gets a great aid package.  The quadruplets’ mother stays at home and the dad is a state employee so, of course, the family won’t have to worry about paying for a Yale tradition.

Lynn O’Shaughnessy is the author of The College Solution and she also writes a college blog for CBSMoneyWatch.com.

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