Why You Should File the FAFSA, Freshmen Facts and Engineering Degrees

6 Reasons to File the FAFSA

Should you file the FAFSA?

Here’s my answer for just about everybody, including myself: Absolutely yes.

I admit it’s not fun to complete the FAFSA, which I am going to do today. If it’s any consolation, the FAFSA is easier to fill out than the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE, which I am also tackling today.

If you’re wondering why you should complete the FAFSA form, and trust me I’ve heard a lot of grumbling from parents about it lately, you should read my FAFSA post that I wrote last week for CBSMoneyWatch.

Engineering Degrees: How Tough Is It To Get One?

This is a question that I have a keen interest in because my son, who will be heading off to college in the fall, thinks he wants to be an engineer. A lot of college students, however, wash out of engineering and science majors. In my post, you’ll discover ways to boost your child’s chances of successfully majoring in science, math, technology or engineering.

20 Facts About Today’s College Freshmen

This is a fun little post that I wrote that’s based on the annual UCLA survey of college freshmen throughout the country. Even I was surprised at some of the freshmen’s answers. For instance, did you know that about one in four freshmen expect to need remedial help with math?

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