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I want to welcome all my new visitors today, who discovered my blog thanks to the radio show that was broadcast this morning around the country.

If you’ve got teenagers and you’re stressing about college, my blog should be a huge help.  You’ll find some of the best stuff in my college blog’s archives. Here are sections of the archives that I think you’ll find most helpful if you want to cut the cost of college:

Financial Aid

Merit Awards

College Costs


I also want to share a little bit about myself:I write about college strategies for TheCollegeSolutionBlog.com and CBSMoneyWatch.com. I started both blogs to help teenagers and their parents find the best schools at the lowest prices possible. The college process doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems and my goal is to demystify it for you.

I also wrote a book, The College Solution, which includes countless tips on college admission strategies, SAT/ACT techniques, scholarships, financial aid and much, much more.

I am a financial journalist, who has written about college issues for such national publications as The New York Times, Business Week, Consumer Reports and Money Magazine. I am also the mother of two teenagers — a high school senior in San Diego and a college junior who is heading to the University of Barcelona as I write this!

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