Weekend College Blog Roundup

Today I’m providing links to the three posts that I wrote this week for CBSMoneyWatch.com where I also write about college. Hey, why be a slave to one time-consuming college blog when you can have two??

1. Three-Year College Degree

In this post, I wrote about what may be a nascent trend — the three-year college degree. Since I’ve been harping on hideously low college grad rates on my own college blog lately, I figured this would be a timely post.

2. Six Ways to Get Last-Minute Cash for College

A lot of parents assume it’s too late to shake down a school for more money after the tuition deposit it mailed. Not true. Last-minute appeals for cash can work. As an example, I mention that the University of California at Berkeley has approved 85% of appeals from financially strapped parents this year vs. 50% in the past.

3. Ivy League Babies

I’m sorry, but I find parents who are obsessed about getting their kids into Ivy League schools obnoxious. What’s even more pathetic, however, is plotting to get children into one of the eight Ivy League schools when they are just babies!!

Lynn O’Shaughnessy is the author of The College Solution.

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