Weekend College Blog Roundup: Financial Aid, SAT Scores…

Don’t have time to track down relevant stories about college admissions, financial aid and important topics for families with teenagers?

No worries. You can find lots of them right here at TheCollegeSolutionBlog.com and each weekend I also provide the links to the college posts that I write over at CBSMoneyWatch.com.

Here are my CBS stories from the past week:

Top Colleges to Cut Big Aid Packages?

In general, elite colleges offer phenomenal financial aid packages. If you can get into a school like Swarthmore and Princeton, you’ve won the educational lottery. But, as you’ll see, these incredibly generous policies might be disappearing.

Why Millionaires’ Kids Earn Better SAT Scores

I was surprised by this one. I knew affluent students performed better on the SAT than low-income kids, but I didn’t realize how even a $20,000 boost in income can impact a teen’s SAT scores!

How Does Your Teen’s SAT Scores Compare?

I wrote about the release of the latest batch of SAT scores. This blog also provides a link to individual state scores.

Lynn O’Shaughnessy is the author of The College Solution.

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