The Shrinking Odds of Getting Into UC Berkeley

The odds of getting into UC Berkeley are shrinking even more.

The odds of getting into UC Berkeley were never high. According to the College Board’s latest figures, Cal Berkeley’s acceptance rate is 22%. Expect that to get even worse.

UC Berkeley is going to become even more impregnable for California high school seniors. Next year, UC Berkeley expects to accept 15% fewer Californians.

The reason for the rising rejection rate all boils down to money. The flagship school is starving for cash because its state support has dropped alarmingly for years. To generate cash, Cal Berkeley is going to accept more out-of-state and international applicants.

California students are paying $8,325 in tuition and fees at Cal Berkeley and everybody else is paying $30,346. And folks that doesn’t include the $15,308 tab for room and board. All those tuition payments from outsiders will generate millions of extra dollars.

With UC Berkeley and other UC campuses in a historic financial crisis, it begs the question why rich outsiders would want to pay more than $46,000 a year to attend school here.

Lynn O’Shaughnessy is the author of The College Solution and she writes a college blog for

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