Latest College Admission Season Results

With the admission season over for the newest crop of college freshmen, preliminary figures are now in that reveal what choices these teenagers made during these tough economic times.

Here are some of the latest college admission findings from the National Association of College Admission Counseling:

More students will be attending community colleges this fall. Sixty three percent of public high schools, which participated in NACAC’s survey, said more of its seniors selected community colleges this year. About 21% of private high schools saw an increase in two-year enrollment among its graduates.

Seniors at public schools also were more likely to end up at state universities this year (65% increase), and so were private school students (56%).

A huge number of public high schools (76%) and private schools (68%) said that a greater number of their students decided to forego attending their “dream” college.

About 25% of public high schools reported that there was an increase in students delaying college. The number was 8% for private high schools.

All rather glum news.

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