The Horrors of Student Loan Defaults, 529 Plan Tax Deductions and More

Here are links to my college blog posts for CBSMoneyWatch for the past week:

The Horrors of Defaulting on a Student Loan

In some respects, the college admission process can be fun. It’s fun to visit colleges and it’s fun to  receive acceptance letters in the mail. What’s not fun is paying for college.

Sometimes that turns into a nightmare when the debt becomes overwhelming. That’s why I urge everyone to read the post that I wrote about debilitating student loan debt. Congress needs to step in and do something since student lenders have outrageous powers.

Let’s Kill the 529 Plan’s Tax Deduction

Okay, some of you will think I’m nuts. I am suggesting that the tax deduction for the 529 college savings plan be killed. Please read on before you curse me!

How Much are Assistant College Football Coaches Worth?

It’s no secret that many college football coaches make more than college presidents. But should assistant football coaches be paid so handsomely? I think not.

Looking back on these three posts I can see I was something of a grouch last week. I’ll try to be more positive this week!!

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