Teenagers and Summer Plans

While back home in San Diego for her winter break, my daughter Caitlin managed to line up a summer internship with the Institute of the Americas at the local University of  California campus.

It’s ideal when a college student can find a job or internship that compliments his or her major, which in Caitlin’s case is Spanish. So I’m thrilled. I’m also happy that she’ll be home for the summer since she’ll be spending the next school year at the University of Barcelona.

When Caitlin, who is a sophomore at Juniata College in PA,  came home beaming after her successful interview, I started wondering what my 16-year-old was going to do this summer. If it was up to Ben, he’d probably prefer slaying World of Warcraft monsters 24/7. Just getting him to break for dinner would probably be a major chore.

I was surprised, however, when Ben mentioned that the mechanical engineering firm where he had interned through a school program last fall had expressed an interest in hiring him this summer. During his internship, Ben had used CAD software to help sketch in the ductwork for a former KFC that was being converted into a Wells Fargo. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Ben’s  prospects.

Now is a good time for your kids to start thinking about what they are going to do this summer. If your son or daughter is interested in enrichment summer camps, you can find  links to lots of opportunities here.

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