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August 22, 2016

College Majors and Graduation Odds

Will your children graduate from college? And will they graduate with their declared academic major? These are critically important questions that families routinely overlook. Unfortunately, families focus primarily on getting into college and not on whether their children will actually succeed and obtain a bachelor’s degree. Too often students fail to graduate. Or they fail to earn a degree in...
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July 26, 2013

Where Can You Graduate from Engineering School in Four Years?

We’ve been talking about engineering schools in a couple of recent posts, which is why I wanted to share an engineering list that my friend Michelle Kretzschmar at Do It Yourself College Rankings recently put together for her website. Michelle, who is a data whiz, pulled together a list of universities that educate the largest number of engineer students where...
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December 11, 2012

Chasing After the Money in College

Is your child interested in picking a college major based on lists of the country’s highest-paying college degrees? Plenty of students are pursuing degrees that they perceive will generate the biggest salaries. I assume that’s why business is the most popular major – more than one out of every five students select it. I can’t resist mentioning that the blockbuster...
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September 16, 2012

Getting Real About Majoring in Engineering

It seems to me that too many parents are stressing about what their children should select as a college major. I’m of the opinion that what’s important is getting a degree. I believe it’s less relevant what that degree is. Students are more likely to be successful if they choose a discipline that they are passionate about. In this rush...
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