Surviving Bad SAT or ACT Scores

What adjective would best describe your SAT or ACT scores:

A) Transcendent.
B) Puissant.
C) Sublime.
D) Dreadful.

If  your answer was “D,” here’s news that can chase away that funk:  The number of  SAT and ACT-optional schools continues to climb so even if you don’t earn a good SAT score or good ACT score, there is hope., the anti-testing nonprofit group, has updated its list of schools that will gladly accept qualified applicants without ever seeing their test scores.  In the latest list, about 840 schools are now testing optional.

One word of caution. If you pin your hopes on these schools, ask the admission office how your chances at merit or financial aid might be impacted by the missing scores.

Learn more about SAT strategies by visiting my blog’s SAT archive and by reading my book The College Solution.

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