States with High Student Debt and More

10 Best and Worst States for Student Loan Debt

Many of the states with the highest student loan debt levels are in the Northeast. In contrast, the states with the lowest student debt levels are in the West and South. That was one of the subjects that I wrote about last week for  In my post,  I shared the findings of a new student debt survey that the Project on Student Debt released last week.

Student Debt: A $400,000 Mistake

This is the CBSMoneyWatch post that triggered the greatest number of comments. I wrote about a law student graduate, who was prevented from practicing law because of his $400,000 in student debt. You might wonder how someone can rack up that much student debt, but penalties and fees can make a manageable debt a nightmare.

Amazon Wants Your Used College Textbooks

Finally, I shared the latest college textbook news last week. Amazon rolled out a new trade-in program for college students who want to sell their used textbooks. I predict that a lot of students will find this an attractive way to sell college textbooks, but they will get paid with Amazon gift cards.

Lynn O’Shaughnessy is the author of The College Solution, an Amazon bestseller.

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