Smart College Athletes, International Students and Flagships

Are college athletes getting smarter? That was the subject of one of my college blog posts for CBSMoneyWatch this week.

I don’t think college athletes are getting smarter, but they are graduating from college at higher rates. In fact, the jocks manage to graduate at higher rates than other college students. I was shocked to learn that!

12 Most Popular Universities for International Students

International students love to study in the United States, which is their No. 1 destination country. There is, however, a problem. For international students, an American college degree is expensive. On this college blog post, you’ll find which universities have the largest percentage of foreign students and where these students can find international scholarships.
Elite State Universities: Why Their Rejection Rates are Climbing

Here’s a depressing story if you have a high school student who happens to want to attend a flagship university in his or her state. Flagships are rejecting more homegrown teenagers in favor of outside students who can pay the big bucks. Read my post and find out why.

Lynn O’Shaughnessy is a college blogger, journalist, speaker and the author of The College Solution.

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