Selling Your College Textbooks to Amazon

Do you have some used college textbooks you’d like to get rid of?

You might want to check with Amazon. The online bookseller rolled out a new program today to entice college students to trade in their textbooks.

The trade-in program is simple. You can check to see if Amazon will buy your used textbook and what price it is offering by typing in the title. If you like the price, you can print out a prepaid mailing label — at no cost — to mail the textbook to Amazon.

The textbook must be in good shape and once you commit you have to ship the book within seven days.

Where is the catch? When you sell your college textbook, Amazon pays you with an in-house gift card. Of course, Amazon hopes you use that gift card to buy more textbooks. Clever isn’t it?

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Lynn O’Shaughnessy is the author of The College Solution.

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