SAT Shenanigans

Is the College Board being sneaky?

It sure looks like it.

Last summer the College Board announced a new policy called Score Choice that would allow students taking the SAT, beginning with the March 2009 test, to decide which results to send to colleges. The College Board has traditionally insisted that all scores — even embarrassing ones — be sent.

Many parents hoped that the new policy would reduce the stress level of teenagers who worry about bombing on the test. It seems only fair since the students who take the ACT have always enjoyed the freedom to choose which scores to submit to schools.

A story in InsideHigherEd, however, suggests that the College Board is being dishonest about its new policy. On a section of its website dedicated to college administrators, the College Board states that schools can still require all of their applicants’ scores.

College Board officials were too busy to talk to the journalist, who broke the story. Hmmm.

Does anybody else find this latest SAT development maddening?

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