Record College Enrollment, SAT Strategies and More

As usual, I am sharing college blog posts that I wrote last week for It was a crazy week since I flew to Minneapolis to give a couple of speeches on college strategies.

Record College Enrollment: Why You Shouldn’t Worry

New figures were just released that indicate that more young adults are enrolled in college than ever before. That’s the sort of news that makes high school teenagers and their families cringe. When you read the post, however, you’ll discover that the numbers aren’t as bad as you might think.

Boosting Your SAT Score: The Latest SAT Strategy

I was in Minneapolis when I found out my son Ben’s latest SAT scores. After hearing the results, I was thrilled that he won’t have to take this cursed test ever again! Since his latest scores were better than the ones from the test he took in May he will be taking advantage of a SAT strategy called Score Choice.

College Admission Season: Will Money Talk

Colleges aren’t talking about this publicly, but there is a good chance that rich students will enjoy even more of an edge in the current admission season. You can find out why here.

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