Researching College Majors

Today I’m sharing a wonderferul resource for students, who want to learn more about college majors and their career paths – College Majors 101.

I’d urge everybody to spend some time on this website, which is stuffed with valuable information about college majors as diverse as biology, video game design, dance and biomedical engineering.  .

The goal of College Majors 101 is to teach students about a variety of college majors so they can make informed college and career choices.  How does College Majors 101 accomplish this? By providing information on the following categories for each college major featured on the website:

  • In-depth description of the major
  • Employers which hire within the major
  • Accredited schools that provide the major
  • News articles pertinent to the major
  • Publications related to the major
  • Students competitions
  • Relevant student associations
  • Recruiting opportunities

College Major Channels

Each college major has a channel that includes links to all the above information. This is what a section of the Environmental Science channel looks like.


College Major Videos

For each major, students can look at videos developed by colleges and universities that discuss what the major entails and/or focuses on activities of students in that major.

On the environmental science channel, for instance, I found a video from Michigan State that discusses the green roof research being conducted there. I also watched a video from a professor at Wayne State University, who shared how he ended up in this field and a student at Endicott College talked about his experiences.

This is a helpful site and I hope you take advantage of it.

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