My New College Column at Cappex


If you like periodically checking out my college blog, I want to alert you to another place where I share my thoughts about college issues.

I recently began a college column at Cappex, which is the popular resource for students and parents researching colleges and looking for scholarships.

Here is the link to the archive of my new Cappex column that covers many college topics that are important to students and parents.

To make it easier to browse, I’m sharing links to some of the college columns that I’ve written so far in 2017:

How to Succeed in College

While a great deal of the focus is on getting into the college, what’s most important is what students do when they actually get there. Discover seven tips to help students succeed.

Private Colleges Offering Merit Scholarships

Did you know that 88% of freshmen at private colleges and universities don’t pay the sticker price? The average discount is 55.5%, which is at a historic high. Learn more about how colleges price themselves.

Can You Get a Free Ride with an Athletic Scholarship

In this post you’ll learn the realities of athletic scholarships and find out the identity of the handful of sports that are most likely to offer full ride athletic scholarships.

How Divorce and Separation Can Impact Financial Aid

Navigating the college process is stressful and it can be more so when parents aren’t married. Learn what the financial aid realities are for parents who are separated or divorced.





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