My New College Blog Look is Coming Soon

I hadn’t planned on videotaping a college blog post on Wednesday, but I had to get my picture taken at a professional photo studio this afternoon and since that required getting my hair done, putting on makeup and wearing a crisp white blouse, I thought why not.
I went to all to all this trouble because I need a photo for my website, which is getting a complete makeover.  You won’t even recognize my blog, The College Solution, when it’s done. I expect that it will be finished in March! So please come back.

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  1. Thanks Lynn! I do read your CBS MoneyWatch articles and enjoy the reader comments. It is clear that some of the people who comment have not read your college solution blog and are not “enlightened” yet!
    I am thankful almost daily that I stumbled across an interview with you on PBS late last summer. I was the parent who wrote you about applying ED to William & Mary – which we did not allow. Our strategy changed after reading your book and I am grateful. Current number 1 school is one I forced my daughter to look at just for comparison, but they are a fabulous liberal arts that has given a great merit package! 5 more liberal arts schools still to hear from.
    I know the theory about looking for school who will give merit awards to “wealthy kids” but I wonder if there is a better way to describe people like our family, our EFC is too high, we don’t qualify for aid and are fortunate to have the ability to pay some but we can not write a check for 50K! If I were wealthy, I would be able to write the 50K check and not worry.
    Please keep doing what you are doing! I think you might have saved us from financial disaster!