How to Find a Great Financial Advisor

Dear Lynn,

I believe in one of your columns you made a recommendation on how to find the best “fee only” certified financial planners.

Can you give me the website or archives with that column? Or a listing of them in the San Diego area?

I miss your column in the Union Tribune, but do keep up with the news from your column each Sunday on your website.


When I got Tony’s email, I figured I might as well answer his question online so everyone can benefit from it. Because I received so many questions over the years about how to find excellent financial advice, I periodically addressed the issue in my column. In fact, I devoted three columns in January to this very subject. To make things easier for everybody, I’m providing the links below.

The first column focused on brokers and why I don’t believe they are a good choice for investors. The second column dealt with the different types of advisors who are angling for your business. I always recommend that people use fee-only planners. The third column provides questions you can ask potential advisors and where you can find them.

Good luck in your search.


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