How I Ended Up Writing Three College Blogs!

How many college blogs is too many?

I am sheepishly asking this question because I’ve just started writing for my third college blog. You can find my newest college blog at US News & World Report. My first post,  The 10 Best College Websites, went live on the site this afternoon.

I launched my first college blog, The College Solution, nearly two years ago right after my book, The College Solution; A Guide for Everyone Looking for the Right School at the Right Price, hit stores. I was content with my solitary blog, but last year CBSMoneyWatch asked me if I’d care to start a college blog for the television network’s financial website. ‘Why not?” I thought.

The education editor at US News & World Report contacted me a few months ago to feel me out about my interest in writing yet another college blog. It took me longer to agree to this one, but I ended up acquiescing.

Writing all these blogs can be draining. Duh. They are my demanding toddlers, who need to be fed and changed frequently. The good news, however, is that I will never run out of material to write about. In fact, one reason why I love writing about college strategies for parents with teenagers is because hardly anybody is sharing this advice with families.

I would love for you to check out all three of my college blogs regularly. I love company.

Lynn O’Shaughnessy is the author of The College Solution and a new eBook, Shrinking the Cost of College. She also blogs for CBSMoneyWatch. Follow her on Twitter.

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