Generous Colleges for International Students

A high school counselor in Colombia asked me today how she could find American colleges that provide financial aid for international students who want to study in the United States.

Actually, there are many schools that provide need-based aid to international students interested in American colleges and universities.

Every year a member of the Overseas Association for College Admission Counseling compiles a list of American schools that provide financial aid for international students. Coincidentally, the OACAC released the list yesterday.

If you look at the list, you’ll see that the average award that some college to international students is quite large.
Here are some samplings of generous financial aid package for international students at a variety of schools scattered across the country:

  • Connecticut College ($43,519)
  • St. Lawrence ($42,610)
  • Kenyon College  ($42,242)
  • Colby College $41,870
  • University of Chicago  ($41,061)
  • University of Richmond ($39,407)
  • Gettysburg College $37,876
  • MIT   ($37,766)
  • Cal Tech ($37,191)
  • Colorado College ($36,820)

Shaun  McElroy, an American who writes a college blog from a high school in China that contains a lot of information pertinent for international students, massages the latest numbers to see which colleges on the list are most generous.

For international students who want to learn more about studying in America, here are some must-see resources:

Overseas Association for College Admission Counseling.

EducationUSA. This is the U.S. Department of State’s guide to studying in the United States. This is Shaun McElroy’s college blog.

NAFSA: Association of International Educators

Lynn O’Shaughnessy is the author of The College Solution.

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  1. Hi. My name is Kwesi and I am international student about to enter my senior year. I am looking to transfer to a big university. Even though I am a smart and talented student, my grades are not the best because I had misplaced priorities in my first 2 years of college and due to my low work ethic. it looks like most of these schools only provide scholarships for international students since we are not eligible for federal aid. I would like to apply to schools that are likely to give me a lot of financial aid. Which schools should I be looking at?
    Anyone with information can please reply to my email: Thanks.

  2. hello,
    i am an international student from Nepal. I received 2As and 3Bs in my A levels.I want to pursue higher studies in USA but I dont know where to apply and which university can provide me with financial aid so could you kindly guide me..please kindly reply to my mailing address…

    thank you

  3. I work in the Yemeni Interior Ministry major who was also agreed to Yemen’s Interior Ministry on my studies in the States United States with financial assistance $ 7000 U.S. per year B. Sc in Economics and money laundering for a period of five years can I get approval from a U.S. university these fees note that I do not speak English and will I do by learning in the uni will agree to accept me

  4. Hello,
    I am an international student in my first year studying at a well known Canadian University. Due to recent family economic situations, I am unable to afford the tution fees. As there is little financial aid offered in Canada for international students and my university is quite expensive, I have decided to transfer to a university I can afford. As it had been one of my dreams to study in USA I have decided that I want to transfer to an American University which is affordable and gives scholorships and financial aid to International students.
    Are there any such univesities I can look into? Can you suggest any names of such universities which might provide with scholorships and financial aid?
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Hello,

    I am a 22 year old student from the Netherlands. Here in Holland we have a schoolsystem that divides students into levels when they start our equivalent of high school. If you have graduated from the highest level of highschool education (VWO or Gymnasium), you are eligible for attendence of a Dutch university.

    Due to certain circumstances in my teens my studies have been delayed, which means that when I graduate, I will do so three years later than regular students. What’s more is that I will not have finished the highest level of highschool education (I will have finished the one level lower HAVO), thus if I want to be eligible for University admittance I will have to do yet another year of studies after graduation.

    Luckily for me, there is a loophole. Most Dutch Universities provide (only for people over 21) the opportunity to take a test, which shows whether you have the degree of knowledge required on the final exams for the VWO-level of highschool studies. If you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the material, you can be admitted to that particulair University.

    Now my question, and I know it’s a very specific one, is whether a foreign student admitted to a Dutch university via this test is still eligible to study at an American University.
    Also, I would like to know whether it is possible for Dutch students to attend an American college with only a HAVO diploma.

    I hope I have explained the situation enough for you to be able to provide me with an answer.
    Thank you very much for your time.


    1. Hi An,

      I don’t know anything about the Dutch education system, but I would contact some American schools and ask. Specifically, I’d look on an American school’s website to try to determine who is the international counselor. I happened to write two college blog posts this week on international students for my other college blog at CBSMoneyWatch.

      Here are the links and good luck:

      Lynn O’Shaughnessy

  6. No wonder why the rate of international student from around the world rises each school year. Studying in international school is everybody’s’ dream but due to financial burden only few can afford. good thing there are already scholarship and financial assistance provided to deserving international students.

  7. I am intresting to know some things about studying abroad in america..
    I am a student 17 years old and i live in greece since 1998 but I’m from albania,i am attending the senior high school..
    This year i’m finishing but i can’t afford going to a greek unevercity or college.Could i have the chance to go to america and study or i can’t because i am from albania? and if there is no problem about my country,are there places that a student can stay..?
    your sincerly

  8. Does anyone have any information on universities in America that do not require SATs for someone who did a year of university studies in Romania. Im also looking for affordable universities in Europe for undergraduate studies starting in september 2010

  9. i would love to be connected to this scholarship of a thing. pls somebody should link me pls. via my no +2347065381737

  10. hey I am international student from Pakistan. I have 7As and 3Bs in my O Levels and I have 2As, 1B, 1C. I have a strong extra curricular record too. I want to pursue university education in USA but I dont know where to apply and which university can provide me with financial aid so could you kindly guide me…my email adress is
    I can tell you one thing that I deserve a chance and I believe that I am one the best candidate and that I will prove to be a great addition to the University that i get in…

  11. I think that you will find Cameron University in Lawton, OK to offer a quality education at an affordable price. Please visit our website at We would love to be included in your list of affordable universities in the U.S. We are a fully-accredited state university.

  12. I am a student keen to study medicine or medicine related studies at any generous college in the U S A . i cannot afford to pay for any tuition fees but I promise to work and pay back to allow other future srudents an opportunity to study . I cannot even afford the fees charged to write SAt in Zimbabwe ,

  13. I am a public school college advisor who is trying to find affordable colleges for students coming from the Federated States of Micronesia. These students are in a unique situation in that they qualify for federal grants and work study, but no loans. As a result their overall funding is limited. Most of their college choices are in either Guam,or Hawaii. I would like to help them find state side opportunities – any suggestions?

    And finally, a point of clarification. being that English is not spoken at home but is taught at school, are these students required to take the TOEFL only, or TOEFL plus SAT/ACT tests.
    Thank you for your comments,
    Robert Roddy

    1. I would say just an individual to use loans from private sources. Of course search out any scholarships and run a search for generous colleges. The grants and work study alone are not enough. Risk = Reward. Maybe credit cards for flights and other personal expenses if they’re not scared off by the threat of high interest and default. Those are scare tactics. The loan subsidy is not that large for the stafford loan.