Funny Stories from Studying Abroad

I’m a big believer in students studying abroad for a semester in college. My daughter Caitlin is one of the rare students who studied overseas for an entire school year.

If I’m remembering correctly, only 5% of college students who study overseas stay for a year.

Caitlin studied at the University of Barcelona. I think living in Barcelona was a much greater experience that attending the gigantic — and rather impersonal — university that’s spread out over the beautiful city.

One of the benefits of living in Spain is that the rest of Europe is close by. Just for fun, I wanted to share a blog post that Caitlin wrote this week after she returned from a visit to the Czech Republic to see Walky, her high school/college friend.  It’s a very amusing post. You can check it out here:  Brno & The Czech Republic.

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