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At first I ignored most social media. I don’t even have a Facebook page yet though that is high on my to-do list. I decided, however,  I needed to embrace social media if I was ever going to get the word about about this college blog and my other one at CBSMoneyWatch.

I initially thought that Twitter was the most ridiculous waste of time in the entire social media universe. What can people say in 140 characters? And why would I care to read the drivel?

But I’m coming around. I was surprised to find that Twitter can be helpful. That’s because Twitterers (is that what they are called?) can use outside links on their items, which can actually make them informative.

This is a roundabout way of letting you know that I am now on Twitter. I would love for you to “follow” me on Twitter. My Twitter name is “collegeblogs.” So if you have an account, just type my Twitter name into the “Find People” search function. And even easier, just click on the little Twitter birdie on the right hand side of my home page.

I Twitter about college admissions, scholarships, college application, financial aid, college essays and much, much more.

I’ve been Twittering for about three weeks, but I only got a nice Twitter home page today. I wanted to hold off telling anybody until then.

Don’t have a Twitter account? Not a problem. You can set one up in about two minutes.

So what are you waiting for? Follow me on Twitter.

Lynn O’Shaughnessy is the author of The College Solution and she also blogs about college for

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