Dance with No Pants and Other College Slang

College students, as I’ve learned through my daughter, share their own slang.

If you’re curious about the latest college speak, you may want to pick up a copy of U.C.L.A. Slang 6. Every four years, UCLA’s linguistics department updates its dictionary of college slang  and the newest edition has just been released.

Here are a few college slang examples of what you can hear on campuses today:

  • Blingify: Add sparkling accessories.
  • Chillax: Calm down.
  • Cross faded: Drunk and high off marijuana.
  • Hyphy: Agitated.
  • Obama: Good/cool.
  • Skrilla: Money.
  • Shwasted: Extremely drunk.
  • Tatted out: Covered with tattoos.
  • Dance with no pants: Affection expressed physically.

When I looked at this list, I only knew the definitions of two of the words. It’s probably going to be the same two you recognize.

You can order the book ($10.95, plus shipping) by contacting UCLA’s linguistics department at

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