College Students Who Work

With today’s economy drawing comparisons to the Great Depression, plenty of students will be working longer hours to underwrite the costs of their degrees.

But how many hours can a student work without jeopardizing his or her grades?

In an analysis of studies on this question, the American Council on Education determined that college students who work more than 15 hours a week are less likely to graduate in four years.

Luckily, students who want a job can usually find one on their college campuses. If you want your child to get a good paying job, suggest that he or she apply to be a resident assistant.  RAs basically make sure kids living in the dorms aren’t doing stupid things like holding keg parties in their rooms. They may also serve as mother hens for freshmen.

My daughter Caitlin decided to become an RA in large part because of the price break she captured. With Caitlin working as an RA during her sophomore year we don’t have to pay any dorm fees. At many schools, the food plan is also covered for RAs.  For anyone wanting to cut college costs — and who doesn’t? — it’s worth checking out.

Lynn O’Shaughnessy is the author of The College Solution.

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