College Search: 6 Ways to Find the Right College

Where do you begin a college search?

When you research colleges, you’re going to want to find schools that will provide your teenagers with an excellent education and get them out the door in four years. But how do you even start such a daunting college search?

Scattered around my blog, I’ve written plenty about how to conduct a college search.  I thought it would be helpful to compile the links to posts that can help you research colleges in one place.

Here goes:

Top 10 College Websites for Finding Great Schools

Read this post to find 10 websites that can help you make your college search easier as you assemble a great list of colleges.

Finding a Great College in Your Region

Most students — or at least their parents — don’t want to attend school too far from home. Read this post to find the right colleges, which are often overlooked ones, in your region.

Hunting for Great Colleges

In this post I explain how you can use the federal College Navigator to find schools that offer particular majors at public and/or private schools in any part of the country.

The Latest Trend: Online College Matchmaking

You’ll learn more about Cappex and Zinch, which I urge teenagers to check out when starting their college search.

New College Website: Research Colleges Like a Pro

This posts explains how you can get detailed information on thousands of colleges at CollegeInsight, which was launched by The Institute for College Access and Success.

College Visit: 31 Questions You Need to Ask

You can learn a tremendous amount during a college visit but you need to make the most of the opportunity by asking the right questions.

Lynn O’Shaughnessy is the author of The College Solution and she also writes a college blog for CBSMoneyWatch. Follow her on Twitter.

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  1. If anyone can find a link that works to post College Visits: 31 Questions to Ask, I’d love to have it. None of the links I clicked work, and I’ve tried at least 5.

  2. You have compiled a wealth of information for students to research schools and scholarships that will be a tremendous help in their college search. I intend to provide this list to the students I work with so that they can determine the colleges that sound like the best fit. Thanks for a great resource.

    Susie Watts
    College Direction
    Denver, CO