College by the Numbers

I thought I’d pass along today some of the statistics from the The Chronicle of Higher Education’s annual almanac, which was released this week.

Unfortunately, you have to be a subscriber so you can’t take a look yourself. In no particular order, here goes:

Graduation rate at four-year colleges & universities:

56.4% (Women 59.2%) (Men 53%)

Where high school graduates attend school:

81% of all freshmen attend colleges in their home states.

Percentage of adults in the U.S. with a bachelor’s degree:


Percentage of Americans without a high school degree:


Average SAT score:

1511 on a scale of 2400

Average ACT score:

21.1 on a scale of 36

Percentage of college students who are women:


Percentage of college students who are full-time:

Number of undergraduates attending two- or four-year institutions:

15.1 million.

Number of high school graduates:

2008: 3,330,000

This year the nation reached its peak of high school grads. (Yeah!) The numbers will continue to decline slightly through 2013 when the number of grads is expected to drop to 2,195,000.

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