College Bowl Money Pits, Studying Abroad and More

It’s a relief to be sitting down to write this post. My husband, kids and I survived our annual holiday party. I cook for days, not including spending an entire Saturday making Christmas cookies, and by the time the party rolls around my back is screaming.

Anyway, I survived the party for 65 people and the highlights included mini brie jalapeno souffles, a Stilton tart with cranberry chutney and my own version of George’s at the Cove smoke chicken, broccoli and black bean soup.

Without further ado, let’s get back to college. As usual, I am sharing the posts that I wrote for my college blog for CBSMoneyWatch last week. Hope you enjoy.

The Dirty Secret Behind College Football Bowls

I always assumed that college football teams that go to bowl games rake in money. Not true. Many are money losers for the colleges.

Studying Abroad: 7 Things Parents Need to Know

I think this is my favorite post since I started writing a college blog for CBSMoneyWatch earlier this year. I write about my daughter’s adventures studying at the University of Barcelona. I’ve been disappointed that it hasn’t gotten more page hits. Maybe everybody is just too busy Christmas shopping.

The Top 10 Colleges Which Reject Nearly Everyone

Read the list of the most exclusive universities and you won’t see any surprises. But boy, people like to read about those Ivy League schools.

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