College Blog Weekend Round Up

I was surprised this week to see such heavy traffic on the college blog post that I wrote for on the the college degrees that generate that highest paying and lowest paying jobs for new college graduates.

I guess it’s only natural that people are curious about what college degrees are the most lucrative. Engineering degrees dominate the list. New engineers grabbed eight of the top 10 spots. Only economics and physics managed to break engineering’s grip. I shared this factoid with my son, who is interested in engineering and possibly physics. I get goose bumps just contemplating how hard that academic path would be.

This week, I also wrote a college blog post about the schools graduating students with the highest starting salaries. If you think the Ivy League has a lock on this distinction guess again. Loma Linda University, anyone?

Finally, I wrote a post on the ugly side of the independent college counseling world. There are desperate parents in this world who will pay a hired gun $40,000  to get their kids into Harvard. Sick, but true.

You can learn a lot more about college by reading my book, The College Solution. Lynn O’Shaughnessy

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