College Blog Weeekend RoundUp: Harvard, Student Loans and SAT Tests

Here’s my weekend college blog roundup of the posts that I wrote during the past few days for Hope you enjoy them.

Is Harvard Going Broke?

If you’ve been struggling to stay on a budget, you might appreciate what’s happening at Harvard, which is experiencing the worst financial crisis of its 373-year history.

The Soaring Popularity of College Student Loans

Back in the mid 1990s, the majority of college students did not take out college loans to pay for their degrees. Let me state the obvious: that’s no longer the case.

Parents Taking the SAT

I’m relieved that I can’t remember my SAT scores from long ago, but I know my math score was atrocious. Thank goodness I was a journalism major. Find the link here to take a mini SAT quiz designed for parents.  After you finish it, you might appreciate what your child has to do to prepare for the 190 questions in the SAT test that takes nearly four hours.

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