College Blog Roundup: Green Colleges, Ivy League Discrimination, 529 Problems

Every Saturday I share the college blog posts that I wrote for the week for CBSMoneyWatch. As usual, this was an eclectic bunch.

Are Elite Universities Discriminating Against Asians

The post that I found most fascinating was about a book — soon to be released — that examined the admission practices of seven elite (unnamed) universities. The author, who is a Princeton sociologist, concluded that Asian students experience the hardest time getting into these blue chip schools. In fact, white student are three times more likely to earn admission into these brand name schools. The students with the easiest time are African-Americans. If you read my post, you’ll get an idea of why Asian students have it so rough.

America’s Greenest Colleges and Dirtiest

The Sustainable Endowments Institute released its report this week on America’s best green colleges. In my blog, I name some of the greenest colleges and I also highlight schools that earned the worst (D-) grades.

A College Savings Account Disaster

Many of the prepaid 529 college savings plans in this country are in financial trouble. My post explains the reasons behind the concerns about 529 plans.

Lynn O’Shaughnessy is the author of The College Solution.

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