College Blog Round Up: B Students, Scholarships and Bad SAT Scores

Here’s my weekend round up of college blog posts that I wrote this week for

Why Your Teen Needs a “B” Average

This was my favorite post of the week. Not every high school student can earn a 4.0 GPA — even in this age of inflated grades — but eking out at least a 3.0 GPA is definitely worth achieving. According to a new book, Crossing the Finish Line, teenagers who graduate with at least a “B” average are more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree. Grades and not standardized test scores are the key.

10 Generous Schools for Braniacs

I’m sorry, but it’s hard to feel for the plight of National Merit Scholars, but their opportunities to cash in on their brilliance is shrinking. In researching this story I found  out that Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, were both National Merit winners.

How to Survive a Bad SAT Score

I wrote about this subject a lot this week as kids head into the final weeks of studying for the SAT and ACT. Good luck!

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  1. where can I apply and be accepted ; I want a private small to med size college/university in MA,MD,PA,VA,NC Not a party school must have a school of business.I attend a private catholic college prep high school on Long Island I have no honors or AP classes my unweighted core average is a 3.0 I will graduate with an advanced regants degree and two college courses in calculus and statistics.I am a baseball player(Left Hand pitcher)and Ice Hockey junior A player.Is there any good school that will acept me.I have awful SAT/ACT scores.I am a good hard working student although my scores do not reflect that.oh also I am hispanic and croatian.any help would be appricated.