College Blog Roundup: Are Colleges Discriminating Against Girls?

When my daughter Caitlin was exploring colleges a few years ago, I worried that she would have to be more accomplished than the boys she was competing against to boost her college admission chances. As you’ll read in my college blog post for, Are Colleges Discriminating Against Girls, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is investigating whether private liberal arts colleges are discriminating against young women.  My gut feeling is that the commission, which has no enforcement power, has launched the college admissions probe for the wrong  reasons.

College Admissions: Playing the Gender Card

In my next college post, I continued exploring gender differences in college admissions.  Male and female college applicants may be able to increase their admission chances by applying to schools that favor one sex over the other in their admission decisions. You can discover how to pinpoint any college’s gender admission track record by reading the post.

Financial Aid Dilemma: Should I Apply or Financial Aid?

Finally, I wrote this college blog post after a friend asked if she and her husband should apply for college financial aid. My friend was worried that checking the box on her son’s college applications that indicate the family would seek financial aid might hurt her son’s college admission chances. Find out here what the rules are for applying for financial aid.

Lynn O’Shaughnessy is the author of The College Solution, an bestseller.

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