Can You Afford a Private College? And Other College Blog Posts

I told you so!

That’s what I was thinking when I wrote one of my college blog posts last week for With the media writing nonstop about how teenagers could only afford public institutions in this wretched economy, I must have looked like a lunatic when I insisted that private colleges could still be the cheapest alternative for many “A” and “B” students.

Survey results from the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities indicate that not only did financial aid at private schools jump 9% for the 2009-10 school year, but also the number of students who will be attending private institutions in the fall inched up slightly. You can read what I wrote at this post, The Great College Scare That Didn’t Pan Out.

Four Crazy Facts About College That Could Save You Money

In this college post, I wrote about little-known facts about college that could save you a bundle of money.

SAT and ACT Tests: The Dirty Secret

Finally, in this post I mentioned The New York Times article that I wrote that uncovered some of the unseemly practices revolving around the ACT and SAT test. If this story doesn’t tick you off, you must not have a pulse.

One more thing…I just got back from a college tour with my son Ben in the Pacific Northwest and he loved two of the four schools that he visited. I’d call that a success.

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