Are You Confused and Frustrated?


If you have a teenager who will be heading to college some day, you probably are frustrated and confused. It’s hard to find answers when you are looking for ways to cut your college costs.

It’s equally frustrating for financial advisors, high school counselors and independent college consultants who would like to assist their families make college more affordable, but they don’t know enough about the financial side of college.

I can help.

Beginning in October I will be rolling out two online courses that will focus on how to cut college costs. I am devoting one course for parents with teenagers and the other course for advisors, high school counselors and independent college consultants.

Course for Counselors, Advisors and Consultants

Here’s where you can learn what you need to know about the course for professionals.

Course for Parents with Teenagers

Here is where you can learn much more about the course for parents with teenagers which is designed to turn you into a smart college shopper.

Learn How to Smart College Shopper Quickly

You can spend countless hours on my college blog learning how to become an empowered college consumer. I’ve written more than 1,200 blog posts that you can pour over. I’d recommend my courses, however, if you want to get a step-by-step approach to finding generous colleges that will explain what you absolutely need to know.

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  1. With the cost of school the way it is these days, the current generation of kids will need all the help they can get. Hope you get lots of attendees for your courses!