A Job Near the Beach

Yesterday I shared the news that my daughter Caitlin graduated from college this week. And she did it in four years, which is a rare feat for today’s college students. If you missed the post here it is:
Caitlin Graduates from Juniata College
Today, I wanted to share what I wrote for my college blog over CBS MoneyWatch that mentions ways that Caitlin increased her chances of getting a full-time job after graduating. Caitlin will be doing social media, among other responsibilities, for an educational toy company in San Diego, which is a couple of blocks from the beach.
Here is the post:

5 Secrets to Getting a Job After College

As you’ll see when you read the post, I’d suggest that college students need to start paving the way for a career long before they are seniors. What counts is not just what they do in the classroom, but during their free time and summers.

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  1. “Congrats to Caitlin”, WOW was that a blink of the eye1
    We will be doing that next year with Chloe from Loyola and Grace from OLP
    Much love to all,
    The Dove’s

    1. Thanks Sondi. These kids are growing up too fast! I bet Grace is looking forward to moving on to college after OLP!
      Lynn O.