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If you’ve ever spent time  on FinAid, the popular website stuffed with information about financial aid, you’ll definitely want to bookmark a new website called Edvisors.

Mark Kantrowitz, the founder of FinAid, and a nationally recognized financial-aid expert, left the site last year to create a new online resource at Edvisors for anyone interested in how to pay for college.

This month Edvisors rolled out its site for families and students that offers advice about a wide variety of financial aid topics. More content will be added as time goes on.

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Sampling of Topics that Edvisors Covers

Here are some of the topics that you’ll find by spending time on Edvisors:

  • Student Aid Secrets for Increasing Eligibility
  • FAFSA Forms and Filing Tips
  • Federal College Grants
  • How To Choose a Student Loan
  • Private College Scholarships
  • Paying Back Private Student Loans
  • Military Student Aid

Filing the FAFSA Guide

On the Edvisors’ website, you can also download a free copy of  Filing the FAFSA:  The Edvisors Guide to Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid 2014-2015 Edition. 61wIrG0Zq4LKantrowitz and David Levy, the former financial aid director at Cal Tech and Scripps College, who now also works at Edvisors, co-authored this authoritative guide.

To download Filing the FAFSA you will have to provide information that will put you on Edvisors’ newsletter list, but you can always opt out if you prefer. As an alternative, you can also buy the 249-page paperback version on Amazon.

Education Tax Benefits

I am especially impressed by the section of the website that contains the best explanation of federal education tax benefits that I’ve ever seen. The section describes each tax benefit, but what’s even more valuable is that you’ll learn which are the optimal education tax benefits for your family:  Picking the Best Mix of Education Tax Credits and Benefits.

 Ask Edvisors Your Financial Aid Questions

On the site you can post your financial aid questions in a section of the website entitled, Ask the Edvisors that Kantrowitz will answer. Some of the questions Kantrowitz has fielded include:

  • What will the new interest rates be on federal college loans starting on July 1?
  • How much can an undergraduate borrow through the Stafford Loan?
  • Can I transfer my student aid to a different college?

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  1. Lynn – I too think the updated Edvisors site is very helpful and a good source of information for financial aid and paying for college. BUT, Edvisors is probably the largest lead generator of student and parent names for companies looking to market to college bound consumers, particular student loan companies. They are a prime supplier of leads to financial companies and it’s pretty clear in their privacy policy : http://www.edvisors.com/terms-privacy-disclaimer/#use-information – check out “How Do You Share My Information” (I also know this as a former marketer of financial services). So In addition to promoting their new site, I would caution parents and students to use the site for information purposes only, and avoid providing email addresses and other personal information – unless you want your information sold and shared with other companies.