A College Blog RoundUp: Facebook, College Success and Free Schools

For those of you who have been visiting my college blog for awhile, you know that every weekend I link to college posts that I wrote during the week for CBSMoneyWatch.com.

I never got to do that this weekend because while I was in Baltimore covering an education convention my net book broke. Exquisitely bad timing. I’m now back in San Diego and very grateful to be using my reliable Mac. So without further ado, here are the CBS posts that I wrote last week:

Attending College for Free Overseas

Did you know that Americans can attend German universities for free? I was shocked to hear this during the conference. Americans can also shave costs by attending schools in other foreign countries. Europeans universities, however, are much different from American ones. I wrote about the differences between American and European universities earlier in the year.

Predicting College Success: Answer These 12 Questions

Parents and students devote so much attention to getting into college, but not nearly enough time is spent preparing for college success. If you’re wondering if your teenager is ready for college, read this post.

Who You Should Never Friend on Facebook

I was shocked when I learned that high school students are trying to “friend” college admission officers.  I have since concluded, however, that this was a fuddy duddy reaction on my part. I think this is going to become a common practice.

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