A Clever Way to Get Into Harvard

Want to get into Harvard? Consider taking a gap year.

It’s not easy getting into Havard or other elite schools, but some high school seniors manage to get into their dream schools by taking the year off and pursuing other interests through a gap year program here or overseas.

I wrote about gap years experiences last week for my college blog for CBSMoneyWatch. Here are links to the other two college blog posts I wrote the site last week:

College Applications: 7 Things to Do Now

In this nuts-and-bolts post, I share tips on what high school seniors should be doing after they send in their college applications. I used my son Ben as the guniea pig.

Are Too Many Students Attending College?

Are too many students attending college? President Obama admirably wants more students to obtain degrees, but I worry about all the students who wash out of college with onerous students loans because the higher-ed world is better at admitting students than educating them.

Lynn O’Shaughnessy is the author of The College Solution, an Amazon bestseller.

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