Californians and College-One More Thought

I just wanted to share the comment that I sent a father, who reacted favorably to my latest post, Getting Into College in California. To see what he said, just click on “1 Comment” below that post.

Here’s my response to Bill:
I couldn’t agree with you more. If Californians would just entertain the possibility of looking at wonderful colleges and universities elsewhere, I think they would be pleasantly surprised. As for Denison University, it is a liberal arts jewel and it can be quite affordable. Here is a press release that discusses how much money it gives its students. The average student receives more than $16,000. Here is the link:

I find that a lot of people assume that a school that they’ve never heard of has to be inferior, but that’s laughable. Here’s something to think about: Denison’s four-year graduation rate is 75.6%.

Here are the four-year graduation rates of some of the University of California campuses:

Berkeley 58.3%

UCLA 56.7%

UCSD 53.7%

UC Santa Barbara 43.5%

UC Irvine 42.3%

UC Davis 42.1%

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