Should You Pay Off the Mortgage?

I got an email this week from one of my favorite financial whizzes. When I still had my newspaper column, I occasionally wrote about Henry (Bud) Hebeler, who was formerly a top executive at Boeing and the holder of three MIT degrees. (As a complete failure in math, those degrees will always impress me.) After Hebeler retired, he created a wonderful web site, AnalyzeNow, which helps older investors with such topics as budgeting during retirement and determining when to begin Social Security payments.

Hebeler mentioned this week that one of the most frequent questions that he gets involves mortgages and retirement. Visitors to his web site often want to know if they should retire with a mortgage.

It’s a great question to ask, which is why Hebeler has posted a lengthy response on his web site for anyone to read. To find the answer, head to AnalyzeNow and then click on Ask Bud About. Once there, you can click on the answer to this question: Should I pay off my remaining mortgage before retiring?

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