Getting Started


Getting Started


Welcome to the College Cost Lab, DIY! I’m thrilled that you are here. And I’m confident you are going to learn a lot!

Here’s what you’ll find in this module…

In the video, I welcome you to The College Cost Lab, DIY and I explain what you need to know to squeeze the most out of this course.

You’ll want to read The Course Curriculum Checklist that provides an outline of all the materials in the modules.

In this module, you will also find two valuable resource guides. I’d highly recommend that you read, Your Step-by-Step Blueprint to Cut Your College Costs, first.

This guide condenses all the course lessons into a 14-page cheat sheet that contains the essential steps to making college more affordable. Reading this guide will get you off to a fast start!

The Class Introductions (more than 200 pages!) contains countless introductions from parents and professionals who have taken my class previously along with my comments. You will read about parents that are facing the same challenges you face.

….So let’s get started!

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