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May 3, 2009

Student Health Insurance at College

If your child is heading to college this fall will he or she be covered by your health insurance? Unfortunately, it’s no longer a given that students will be protected by their parents’ health insurance policies. In fact, the federal government has estimated that roughly 20% of students don’t have college student health insurance. Here’s one reason for the lack...
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September 25, 2008

The Student Debt Tipping Point

If a teenager plans to major in theater or social work should he or she assume more student debt than a kid who plans to become an engineer or an accountant? Most families aren’t concerned about the earnings potential of their children when exploring colleges. According to a recent commentary in The Christian Science Monitor, 70% of students and parents...
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August 10, 2008

Every Parent's Worry: Keeping College Students Safe

Last night my daughter got a disturbing text message from one of her college classmates, who had spent the summer interning and attending classes with her in Orizaba, Mexico. “Did you hear the horrible news?” her friend Sarah texted. We had settled in to watch the Olympics when Caitlin got the message that was followed up seconds later with a...
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June 16, 2008

Getting an Academic Bargain Across State Lines

If you want to attend a public university outside your state, the price tag can often be outrageously high. It’s easy to understand why. States are usually only interested in holding down the costs for their own residents. You might, however, be able to capture a higher-ed bargain if your state maintains a reciprocal agreement with its neighbors. States commonly...
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