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Financial aid
July 22, 2008

Pell Grants and Ivy League Hypocrisy

The most emailed story in The New York Times on Monday focused on Berea College, a little school in Kentucky with a heart of gold. The college charges no tuition and only accepts low-income teenagers. Every student graduates with no debt. Not surprisingly, the school is mobbed every year with applicants. Berea is dedicated to accomplishing what a lot of...
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October 30, 2007

Stay Away from Private College Loans

I was visiting my daughter, who attends Juniata College in Pennsylvania, for several days, which mercifully allowed me to escape the tragic San Diego fire, the miserable air and those cursed Santa Ana winds. Now that I’m back, I’m furiously trying to finish my book, The 99.8% College Solution by December. The book is focused on helping the kids, who...
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October 6, 2007

Finding Free Money for College

Last week I talked about how it’s important to determine whether your family will qualify for financial aid or not before you embark on that great college odessey. Once you’ve got a pretty good idea of where you stand on that score, you’ll want to look for schools that are either generous with financial aid, merit aid or both. A...
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September 29, 2007

The Right Way to Start the College Search

I graduated from college back in 1978, but I’ve got college on my brain every day because of the college book that I’m writing. My desk and the couch in my office are covered with stacks and stacks of college material that I’ve gathered from my interviews, as well as from such places as The Chronicle of Higher Education,,...
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