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August 15, 2008

Gunning for U.S. News & World Report's College Rankings

I’ve only run across two or three people out here in California, who have heard of my daughter’s college. Even when Caitlin tells people the name of her school-–Juniata College–they stumble on the pronunciation. I used to do the same thing before we visited the college that’s nestled in the Allegheny Mountains in rural Pennsylvania. It’s obviously easier on the...
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August 5, 2008

The Most Lucrative College Majors

When I was in college it didn’t occur to me to major in something that would lead to a lucrative career. I started out as a history major and ultimately switched to journalism. Today, however, teenagers, including my own, seem far more interested in choosing majors and careers that will lead to large paychecks. My son aspires to be an...
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July 9, 2008

The Census Bureau's Higher Ed Statistics

The U.S. Census Department released a grab bag of education statistics this week. You might discover some surprising ones in this list: 18.4 million That’s the number of students who will be attending the nation’s colleges and universities this fall. If that seems like a lot of kids, it is. Twenty years ago, 13.5 million students were attending college. 8.6...
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June 24, 2008

Engineering Majors: A Road Less Traveled

I’ve been a great admirer of liberal arts colleges for years. Students who  attend these colleges enjoy small classes, get to know their professors, and, per capita, they tend to go on to graduate schools in greater numbers. My son has watched his sister thrive at her liberal arts college which prompted him to say that he’d like to attend...
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