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  • Parents who earn high incomes and are seeking merit scholarships.  
  • Families that are looking for need-based financial aid.  
  • Households with teenagers in 9th – 12th grade.  
  • Parents who don’t know how to determine which universities would be most generous to their children. 
  • Parents who aren’t sure how to find colleges where their teenagers would thrive.  
  • Independent college consultants, who need to understand the financial side of college to adequately help their families and gain a competitive edge.  
  • High school counselors, who rarely receive training in any aspect of paying for college. Their students and parents are increasing counting on them to provide advice about affording college.  

Step-by-step road map to save you time and money

Getting into college and figuring out how you're going to pay for this big expense is stressful. 

Universities seem harder to get in than ever before. And college prices are rising even faster healthcare.

The college process, however, doesn't have to be so stressful if you become an educated college consumer.

The No. 1 goal of The College Solution Cost Lab is to give you the tools and knowledge to make the absolute best college decisions.

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College Cost Lab Features

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27 Lessons

Cover critical topics like researching merit awards, financial aid, finding college bargains.  

8 Resource Guides

Includes invaluable advice and lists of schools with their award policies.


Easy-to-follow videos that include how to use best online college tools.

Worksheets & Checklists

Print them out and mark them up.

Lifetime Access to the Course Material

Explore the material when it’s convenient for you. No rush. 

What Topics Are Covered?

Getting Started. Includes a 17-step roadmap that provides an excellent overview of what any family needs to do to cut college costs. 

The First College Step. Details what you need to do first when strategically aiming for college price discounts. 

Sources of College Money. You’ll discover the four sources of college money and which you should aim for. You'll learn about how to find good deals at state universities in and out of your own state.  

Private College Sources of Money. For many families institutional money from private colleges will be the source worth aiming for. Discover how private colleges price themselves and which type will likely to be more generous to your child.  

More on College Money Source. You’ll discover a tool that will allow you sort schools by price in individual states in seconds. You'll explore how college rankings impact the price you'll pay. 

Best College Research Tools. This is one of the most valuable modules since it explores four different resources, with detailed instructions on how to use them, to evaluate the generosity of any college.  

Deep Dive Into Aid Formulas. Includes detailed advice about the FAFSA and CSS Profile, as well as strategies to maximize financial aid. Discover how your assets impact financial aid including home equity and college accounts. Also learn what you need to know about college financing in cases of divorce and separation.

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Students of this Class Frequently Save 6-Figures

"I followed your advice to the T. My daughter Sophia got a full-ride merit scholarship to Mount Holyoke and you'll be pleased to hear that she turned down Brown U., which offered "only" $30,000) and her long-time boyfriend Alek with an equally impressive package of both merit and financial aid at nearby Clark University." Robert Hess Small Business Owner, Los Angeles, CA 

"Your course was extremely helpful in informing our family's strategy. Our daughter received multiple acceptances from great schools across the country that offered between $15K-$48K/year in merit aid and talent-based scholarships. As a family, we feel like we have achieved an affordable college solution that is aligned with our daughter's passions. Thank you very much for helping make it happen!" Steve Kappes Retired Naval Officer, Chula Vista, CA 

It was a miracle that I found you! So far my daughter has gotten $115,000 in merit money for freshman year and it’s still coming in. It’s gotten us below our budget and we’re a family who won’t qualify for need-based aid. 

Anna Velazco Senior development officer, Washington, DC  

We saved $204,000 over four years when my son James went to Skidmore College in New York. We were thrilled with Lynn’s great advice.Everybody assumes a state school will be less expensive but it wasn’t for us.

Lydia Majette, Interior designer, Prescott, AZ  


Bonus No. 1 You'll Receive College List-Building Training ($299 Value)  

A huge challenge for families is creating a college list.  

For a limited time only, when you enroll in The College Cost Lab, you’ll also receive the college list-building training for free.  

The training includes:  

  • Resource guide on how to create a great college list. (19 pages)
  • A guide sharing great resources for finding and researching colleges. (57 pages)
  • Video on increasing admission chances. 
  • Written lesson on increasing admission chances.  
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Step-by-step guidance from a college expert

Lynn O’Shaughnessy, (that’s me) is a nationally recognized college expert, who is a higher-ed journalist, speaker and educator. I am the author of an Amazon bestseller, The College Solution, and I write about college for my blog of the same name. I created The College Solution Cost Lab is to help families make the very best decisions in what will often be a family’s second biggest lifetime expense.

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If You’re on the Fence 

Here are the reasons I hear from people who end up not joining:  

I can do this on my own!  

I tell myself whenever I pick out paint. How many times do I go back to Home Depot when I screw it up. Figuring out this college thing might seem doable, but if you do it on your own, you’ll probably waste time and commit costly mistakes.  

I can just read your book and blog.  

I wrote the latest edition of my book in 2011. Plenty has changed. As for the blog, if will be a challenge poking around my blog for all you need when the information is spread out over years of posts. 

I can rely on my child’s high school counselor.  

Many high school counselors are required to have master’s degrees but these programs ALMOST NEVER cover any college topics!  

It’s too expensive.  

Costs of some private colleges now exceeds $300,000 and the price of state universities have been climbing steadily. Making a mistake on your college search can be financially crippling. The course can save you a tremendous amount of money.  

Learn More Than 99% of Parents!  

Families need a plan to make the best college choices. By the time you finish this class you'll be more prepared and know more than 99% of parents out there.